Blow And Blow

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Train oral motor and fine motor skills. Enhance emotional stability Mouth muscles are closely related to the skill of speech and articulation. Blow and Blow is a training tool to strengthen a child’s jaw muscles. Child needs to blow the plastic bones from the starting point to the end point on the cardboards. Level of training can be adjusted by arranging different patterns of blow tracks and/or adding more bones. Child needs to control the intensity of blowing to make sure the bones are on the track. This training can enhance child’s motor skill and speech development. On the other hand, deep breathing in between blows can let the child express his emotion and reduce his anxiety.

Additional information

Additional Information

Development Areas / Skills

Emotion, Fine Motor, Language, Logic

Age Groups

10y, 3y, 4y, 5y, 6y, 7y, 8y, 9y

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